Biopharmacy presentation

Biomedical research

Since the mid-2000s, HYPHARM has intensified its development work focussed on biomedical research and the pharmaceutical industry. By investing strongly in new facilities dedicated to this sector of activity, HYPHARM has become a significant player in the field of bioproduction (rabbits intended for biomedical research, polyclonal antibodies and animal proteins).

In doing so, HYPHARM has drawn on a number of strengths:

1. As the European leader in rabbit genetic selection, we have developed, over the course of more than 30 years, an unrivalled repertoire of bloodlines, including:

  • The New Zealand rabbit, bloodline HY07, the benchmark model for research teams around the world,
  • The pigmented bloodline, HY79b, perfectly suited to ophthalmic studies.

2. Genetics counts for nothing without a suitable environment. This is why HYPHARM breeding farms are maintained, by way of minimum, under Controlled Sanitary Status, with some of them housing SPF populations since 2006.

3. Quality control system: HYPHARM is regularly audited by the French Quality Assurance Association (AFAQ) and has maintained its ISO 9001 certification under various systems since 1995. We also observe good manufacturing practice guidelines in order to adapt the work of our teams to the demands of the pharmaceutical sector; this work is regularly subjected to customer audits and inspections by the French Drug Safety Agency (ANSM) and the FDA. In addition, all our facilities are now approved by the health authorities for compliance with the requirements of the latest regulations on breeding animals used for scientific purposes (European Directive 2010/63/EU and Decree 2013-118).

4. In parallel, the company has extensive expertise in the field of rabbit breeding and, in particular, reproduction (artificial insemination, embryo transfer).

Drawing on our expertise, we are able to offer you a broad range of genetic solutions and a raft of services related to zootechnics and bioproduction (serum, milk, etc.).