Animal health

Sanitary safety

Selection counts for nothing without sanitary rigour. To express the best genetic potential of HYPLUS breeding animals, we have introduced strict biosecurity measures which allow us to maintain a carefully controlled and constant sanitary level in all our selection and multiplication farms, and to guarantee our customers a healthy and effective product.

In order to achieve this objective, we have introduced the following at our selection and multiplication sites:

  • Very strict biosecurity rules (circulation systems, input management, etc.),
  • A permanent control plan specific to each pathogenic agent,
  • An adapted and rational prophylaxis programme,
  • Individual control by a specialist team of all products before delivery,
  • Our own multiplication network which can be used to control the entire production process for HYPLUS semen and breeding animals.

We are developing partnerships with internationally renowned public and private laboratories to enhance our knowledge of pathologies and the means to remedy them.

We are also committed to fighting antibiotic resistance and to reducing veterinary treatment costs by integrating criteria of resistance to infectious conditions into our selection programmes.

With this is mind, HYPHARM is participating in the RELAPA programme of genomic research into resistance to Pasteurella Multocida in rabbits.