Welcome to Hypharm

HYPHARM is a company offering expertise in the field of animal genetics for the selection and marketing of breeding rabbits around the world, as well as for the provision of biopharmaceutical industry products and services.

HYPHARM is owned by Groupe Grimaud, which is a world leader in multi-species animal genetic selection, and also operates in the biopharmacy sector.

As a leading selector for rabbit meat, we attain 50% of our turnover from exports, mainly within Europe. Our commercial activities extend further afield, to 20 countries across 4 continents.

We have been selecting and distributing our breeding rabbits under the HYPLUS brand for over 30 years, in the form of animals and semen, thanks to a network of artificial insemination centres based in the main rabbit producing countries in Europe.

Since 2006, HYPHARM has made significant investments in the production of SPF (specific pathogen-free) animals for the purpose of supplying raw materials to the pharmaceutical industry.

The combination of these two areas of expertise and their complementarity has enabled us to create synergies which benefit all our customers.