Centre IA

AI centre

Thanks to our own insemination centre, we sell over 2 million doses of semen per year, in bottles or straws, for our 4 strains: GD 24, PS 40, PS 59 and PS 119.

After a test phase, including a selection based on health, a selection based on quality and concentration of semen, only the best males are put into production in order to ensure that our customers obtain regularity and reliability in terms of technical results.

Renowned for our in-house expertise, we distribute and apply the semen of our HYPLUS genetics all over France using the various insemination techniques available (held "restrained" position, lordosis position, etc.).

The distribution of HYPLUS genetics through HYPHARM's partner insemination centres today represents 60% of the European market (France, Spain, Italy).

Associated products

Female bloodline

The HYPLUS PS 19 parental female is distinguished by its high prolificity potential, of between 10.5 and 11.5 live births per litter, and by its ability to raise a large number of kits (11) to weaning. Thanks to its significant milking properties, its easy management, and its ability to adapt to different management methods (rhythms and types of farming), the HYPLUS female will offer you optimal productivity with a potential valued at over 20...