Terminal crossbreed 2

Lignée mâle

Meat rabbits produced from the PS 59 male

The potential of the meat rabbit produced from the PS 59 male is 2.50kg to 2.55kg at 70 days and 2.85kg to 2.95kg at 77 days, with a high dressing percentage at slaughter.

It is selected for its dressing percentage at slaughter, its low consumption index, its resistance to digestive illnesses, and its ease of management in terms of management of rabbits during fattening.

It has excellent semen production qualities (sexual interest, volume, concentration and motility).


Bloodline Number of rabbits

Age in days

(AI sales)

HYPLUS PS 59 8,863,484 104 58.26
Other genetic strains 1,840,557 104 56.98

Source: technical results of several production organization in France.

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Female bloodline

The HYPLUS PS 19 parental female is distinguished by its high prolificity potential, of between 10.5 and 11.5 live births per litter, and by its ability to raise a large number of kits (11) to weaning. Thanks to its significant milking properties, its easy management, and its ability to adapt to different management methods (rhythms and types of farming), the HYPLUS female will offer you optimal productivity with a potential valued at over 20...