Selection strategy

Committed, responsible selection

Our primary selection procedures are based on performance criteria, combined with qualitative criteria such as product homogeneity:

  • Prolificity, maternal qualities, longevity
  • Growth, carcass dressing percentage and feed efficiency
  • Disease resistance

Reliable and proven performance

  • Genealogical and performance monitoring on 4,000 breeding females
  • 150,000 individual weighings for selection
  • 300,000 individual weighings for trials
  • 3,000 slaughters for individual dressing percentage
  • Extensive computing resources for indexing (BLUP)

Proven robustness

Performance and health both have their own means of expression and are not systematically opposed, and HYPHARM therefore invests in both of them simultaneously. This investment is based around the following aspects:

  • Research into the best genetic correlations between productivity and health criteria.
  • Validation testing under challenging conditions on collaterals.
  • Raising future breeding animals intended for selection and sale under perfectly controlled conditions to ensure their sanitary quality.
  • Collaborations with specialists in animal nutrition to adapt formulas to the needs of animals and their development.

The issues of demedication and fighting antibiotic resistance are also fully taken into account in all HYPHARM's selection programmes.