Technical team

In order to support the distribution of our products all over the world, HYPHARM has chosen to put together a specialist technical team trained in rabbit breeding.

Our primary mission is optimal expression of the genetic potential of HYPLUS products.

This team is capable of providing concrete solutions to customers' needs in response to the wide range of production environments and situations.

 As such, it has developed expertise in areas essential to breeding success:

  • Global conception of rabbit farms
  • Farm management
  • Support for starting breeding
  • Environmental management (atmosphere, biosecurity, etc.)
  • Feed management
  • Reproduction management
  • Training for breeders and technicians

Regular analyses of technical data and "field" observations are used to enable the precise adjustment and implementation of technical recommendations which are essential to each HYPLUS product.

The technical team therefore provides continuous feedback to HYPHARM's Research and Development department.



From the left to the right: Claude Barré, Pascal Rousseau, Guillaume Godard, Mickaël Maupin.